Obesity is a complex and multifaceted disease that affects millions worldwide. Understanding and managing it requires a comprehensive approach, and Lilly Direct offers just that—a platform dedicated to specialized obesity care. This article explores the key aspects of Lilly Direct and how it is changing the landscape of obesity treatment.

What is Lilly Direct?

Lilly Direct is an innovative service by Eli Lilly and Company, designed to provide specialized care for individuals dealing with obesity. It understands that obesity is a chronic condition that needs consistent and tailored care. The platform offers a range of services, including access to healthcare providers, telehealth options, and pharmacy services, all aimed at supporting people in their journey towards better health.

Services Offered by Lilly Direct

Telehealth Services for Obesity Care:

    • Lilly Direct provides access to independent healthcare providers specializing in obesity care through virtual visits.
    • These services offer timely answers to health questions, personalized consultations, and a convenient alternative to in-person visits, avoiding the hassle of travel and waiting rooms.

    In-Person Doctor Consultations:

    • For those preferring face-to-face interactions, Lilly Direct connects users with doctors through an online physician search tool from Healthgrades.
    • This feature takes the guesswork out of finding the right doctor for personalized obesity care.

    Pharmacy Services Reimagined:

    • Understanding the need for ease in medication access, Lilly Direct offers online ordering and home delivery of Lilly obesity medications.
    • Patients can have their prescriptions sent directly to Lilly Direct Pharmacy Solutions, simplifying the process of obtaining necessary medications.

    You can ask your healthcare provider to send a new prescription for Zepbound to LillyDirect Pharmacy Solutions, just like any other pharmacy. If your provider asks for more information on how to send your prescription to LillyDirect Pharmacy Solutions, you can provide the below:

    LillyDirect Pharmacy Solutions
    NCPDP ID # 2648698

    Please make sure your healthcare provider includes your mobile phone number and/or email address when they send your new prescription through their Electronic Health Record (EHR) system.

    The Lilly Direct Approach to Obesity Care

    Lilly Direct emphasizes a holistic approach to obesity management. It encourages an active lifestyle with practical tips, such as consulting with healthcare providers before starting an exercise routine, choosing enjoyable activities, setting realistic goals, seeking support, and taking consistent steps towards fitness.


    Lilly Direct represents a significant stride in the management of obesity. By offering a blend of convenience, personalized care, and comprehensive support, it stands out as a valuable resource for individuals seeking to manage their weight effectively. With its focus on accessible healthcare, Lilly Direct is an essential tool in the journey towards a healthier lifestyle for those dealing with obesity. You may access Lilly Direct by going here.