Amble Health provides prescribed compound semaglutide and tirzepatide for approved patients. You are connected with board certified medical professionals to help you along your weight loss journey. There are no hidden fees, no gimmicks, no shipping costs. All pharmacies are 503a compliant and Amble is legit script verified.

Tirzepatide: $299 2.5-5mg / $379 7.5-15mg (monthly)

Semaglutide: $199 .25-1mg / $219 1.7-2.4mg (monthly)

    1. Enroll in your plan (links below) – You’ll complete a brief medical questionnaire that will assist our medical professionals in prescribing the appropriate course of treatment. Please read and answer all questions carefully especially dosage. The Medical intake questions serve as your consult, there is no video call. You will be asked to upload your driver’s license, this is required to write a prescription. The portal is HIPAA compliant.
    2. Provider Review – Our team of experienced, board-certified medical providers will review your treatment plan, medical history and online consultation and prescribe the medication if you qualify. If there are questions the doctor will message you via the portal.
    3. Get it Delivered – Once prescribed by our medical providers, your prescription is sent to our partner compounding pharmacy. Our partner pharmacy will then expedite shipping of your prescription (and supplies, if applicable) direct to your doorstep! Your meds will arrive in 7-10 business days (2 calendar weeks) from the day after the script was sent to the pharmacy.

    Important Things to Note
    • No lab work required – you should continue to get those done with your PCP.
    • Insurance is not accepted – you should be able to use HSA/FSA.
    • If you are already on this medication proof of prior prescription may be required.
    • Amble is currently serving patients in all states except New Mexico, Louisiana and Mississippi.
    • There is a $100 cancellation fee if your prescription has been already sent to the pharmacy.
    • Amble only uses 503A FDA regulated pharmacies.
    • Amble is Legit Script certified meaning that all of our Doctor’s are licensed MD’s and are licensed in your state.
    • There are NO membership, consult, doctor or shipping fee’s with Amble.
    • If you still have questions before signing up, feel free to email me (Kelly) directly at [email protected].

    Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions below.

    Tirzepatide: $299 2.5-5mg / $379 7.5-15mg (monthly)

    Click to Enroll with Tirzepatide

    Semaglutide: $199 .25-1mg / $219 1.7-2.4mg (monthly)

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Provider Group does Amble Use?

    Their contracted provider group is Beluga Health, P.A., a Florida professional corporation that has its office located at 1321 Upland Dr., Suite 18399, Houston, TX, 77043. Jonah Mink, MD is the chief medical officer and is licensed to practice medicine in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

    What if the Medical Provider does not Approve Me?

    If their medical providers determine you are ineligible for the prescribed medication, you will receive a full refund, and your subscription will be canceled. The refund process may take 3-5 business days, depending on your bank/credit card provider.

    Which Medication Do I Chose?

    There are 2 medications to pick from: Semaglutide (the active ingredient in Ozempic/Wegovy) and Tirzepatide (the active ingredient in Mounjaro/Zepbound).

    Tirzepatide is a dual-agonist GIP + GLP-1. The GLP-1 slows gastric emptying to keep you fuller for longer, and helps to control your portion sizes. The GIP reduces inflammation in the body and silences the “food noise”. It essentially stops the brain from obsessing over food and thinking about your next meal constantly.

    Semaglutide is a single-agonist and only contains the GLP-1 agonist, which slows gastric emptying. If you have 40+ pounds to lose, I personally recommend Tirzepatide due to it being significantly stronger than Semaglutide. Those who have less than 40 pounds can easily go with Semaglutide. Semaglutide is an incredible medication and it is possible to lose greater than 40-50+ pounds, it just is not as rapid as Tirzepatide.

    Tirzepatide also helps with autoimmune disorders such as Hashimoto’s, and has shown amazing results for helping women with PCOS due to the added GIP in the medication that reduces inflammation.

    Tirzepatide has shown a reduction of 26% of your overall body weight, and Semaglutide has shown a reduction of 15% of your overall body weight. This is why Tirzepatide is typically chosen for those who have a substantial amount of weight to lose. For reference, I lost 122 pounds in 50 weeks and almost 40% of my overall body weight.

    How Long Do I Have to Commit?

    Amble has a hybrid approach to our program(s).

    If you are starting at the lowest doses (.25mg semaglutide / 2.5mg tirzepatide) you will be provided a three (3) month supply of medication (enough to dose up) for these months and do not need to request any refill during this time. You will be billed on a monthly basis and this entire payment is not due in advance.  After your 3 month commitment you must initiate your refills via the portal every month.

    If you start at a higher dose (7.5mg+ tirzepatide / 1mg+ semaglutide) medications will be filled in one (1) month increments allowing you the opportunity to touch base with your doctor between refills in the event any dosage changes are necessary. You must initiate your refills via the portal as needed, do not check-in until you are ready to refill.

    Why a 3 Month Commitment?

    This 3 month timeframe supports the necessary titration of the medication and helps allow for the medication to achieve its intended benefit. This also helps Amble achieve economies of scale which means more cost efficient pricing for our patients.

    Can I start on the current dosage that I’m taking?

    When completing your enrollment questionnaire, please select the current dosage of medication you are utilizing. Titration or dosage increases cannot be requested until your first refill. Providers may request proof of your current medication and/or script to substantiate your dosage. The prescription needs to include the patient’s name, prescriber name, medication name, medication strength, medication dosage prescribed, and the date of the prescription.

    PLEASE NOTE: The prescription provided MUST be an actual prescription. Screenshots, notes from a previous MedSpa, or prescriptions missing all of the aforementioned requirements are invalid and will not be considered when determining your dosage at Amble.

    How Long Until I Receive My Order?

    Once approved and prescribed, our partner pharmacies estimate 7-10 business days as this medication is made to order and shipped. Business days are defined as Monday through Friday from the time your prescription is sent to the pharmacy. You will receive a text or email notification with tracking if applicable.

    How To Contact Amble?

    Once you are approved you may message Support at any point in the portal under Messages tab. Please note, every time you message support you will be moved to the end of the queue so be sure not to send messages every few hours. Give support at least 24-48 hours to get back with you.

    How Do I Process a Refill?

    When you are ready to process a refill, simply log in to your account dashboard and look for the Upcoming Dates section. Usually you can check in a few days before the date that is listed. At that point you will see a Get Started button, click that to start your refill process. You’ll be prompted to answer a couple of questions for your doctor and have the opportunity to make any necessary plan changes such as dosage changes at this time. Amble recommends allowing 7-10 business days for a refill to be processed and delivered.

    What States are Currently Served?

    Amble is currently serving patients in all states except New Mexico, Louisiana and Mississippi.

    Tirzepatide: $299 2.5-5mg / $379 7.5-15mg (monthly)

    Click to Enroll with Tirzepatide

    Semaglutide: $199 .25-1mg / $219 1.7-2.4mg (monthly)

    Click to Enroll with Semaglutide
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